Glen Grant 23 Year Old


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John Milroy was one of the first retailers to pioneer Single Malt Whiskies in London over 40 years ago. The Scottish connoisseur’s devotion to promoting Malt Whiskies and his ability to identify special casks has created an international following for The John Milroy Selection.


NOSE: There is depth and complexity revealing ripe fruit. Banana sweetness is offset by a cut of kiwi fruit acidity.
PALATE: Generous and playful with much sweetness from the fruit and delivered with great elegance
FINISH: Sublime, subsiding slowly with lovely lingering honey notes


AGE: 23 years
REGION: Speyside
CASK: Refill hogshead
ALCOHOL: 49.0%
OUTTURN: 193 bottles
STYLE: Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glen Grant

Glen Grant was the first distillery to be built in the town of Rothes, situated in the heart of Speyside. The Whisky is gaining greater appreciation with malt drinkers due to longer matured releases than were historically available.

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